English One Cape Town

The name of our school explains our philosophy of teaching English. We chose “English One” because we wanted to emphasize the importance of each individual student – the “One”.


It is our belief that when a student is placed at the center of our school, and is understood and supported, then they will achieve far more than what they thought was possible.

From the moment a student arrives we ensure that everything they need for success in learning English is being provided for.

English One provides quality education, dynamic courses, innovative teaching and world-class service, while still making learning English affordable

Courses Offered

General English

English for Business

Academic English

Maritime English

English for Aviation

English for Oil and Gas

English for Medicine

Hospitality English

English for Customer Care

Legal English

Technical English

English for Human Resources

English for Environmental Science

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 +27 21 422 2779

 +27 60 349 9201