Gas Geyser Prices In South Africa

What is Gas Geyser?

A geyser is a spring characterized by an intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam.


As a fairly rare phenomenon, the formation of geysers is due to particular hydrogeological conditions that exist only in a few places on Earth.

Gas Geyser Prices In South Africa

5 litre Gas GeyserR3000 – R7000
10 litre Gas GeyserR4000 – R8000
12 litre Gas GeyserR4000 – R8500
16 litre Gas GeyserR4000 – R9700
20 litre Gas GeyserR4300 – R9900

How much does gas geyser installation cost in South Africa?

A complete gas geyser installation can cost anywhere from R8900 for entry-level up to R20 000 for a more advanced setup and depending on your requirements.

Based on average industry rates you should budget for your gas geyser installation as follows: Gas line installation – R2900 and up. Plumbing – R2900 and up.

Which type of gas geyser is best?

Also known as Gas Water Heaters, Tankless Water heaters, and Hot water On Demand Gas Geysers. Rinnai Range comes in a 20ltr,26ltr & 32ltr per minute With an impressive 6-star energy rating, the Rinnai are the most energy-efficient continuous flow hot water system on the market.

Does a gas geyser save electricity?

Gas Geysers produce about a third of the greenhouse gas emissions of electric storage hot water systems. Gas Geysers are very cost and energy efficient because they only use gas when hot water is actually being used.

Can a gas geyser burst?

Yes, the most common cause is water that freezes inside the heat exchanger (or anywhere else in the unit) and expands and ruptures the unit’s internal piping.

Are gas geysers worth it?

A gas geyser consumes less energy and is power efficient with a quicker recovery rate making them perfect for larger families.