Harmont And Blaine Jeans Prices In South Africa

What is Harmont And Blaine Jeans


Harmont & Blaine Jeans is a men’s casual wear line that offers a modern, dynamic, lively, and informal style. Designed for a younger and youthful public, which is designed an offer that goes beyond the denim line, with a wide selection of items, fit, materials, and colors always inspired by the Mediterranean Lifestyle.

Harmont And Blaine Jeans Prices In South Africa

Is Harmont & Blaine a good brand?

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“Harmont & Blaine S.p.a.” receives the “Italy’s best Customer service” award in the Menswear category (high-end).

What company has a dachshund logo?

Harmont & Blaine

Founded1986 Naples, Italy
FounderDomenico Menniti, Enzo Menniti, Paolo Montefusco, Massimo Montefusco
Key peoplePaolo Montefusco (President) Marco Pirone (CEO)

Which brand has a dog logo?

Juicy Couture, a dog.

The Juicy Couture dog is actually a Highland Terrier, not a Yorkie as we had previously thought. And since the dog in their logo looks like a brat, we found one that’s way cooler.

Where are Harmont and Blaine from?

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Established in Naples in 1995, Harmont & Blaine is an Italian company specializing in the design, production, and distribution of the eponymous upper premium casual brand offering ready-to-wear and accessory collections for men, women, and children, all marked with the iconic dachshund Blaine.