Hoër Landbouskool Marlow

Hoër Landbouskool Marlow

Welcome to the Marlow Agricultural High School, located on the banks of the Great Fish River, 10 km from the beautiful town of Cradock in the Eastern Cape. Marlow is a school like no other school – a school with a tradition of excellence in all areas of education.


a Lifestyle that every boy dreams!

You can give your son the opportunity to develop and grow to a lifestyle that is nowhere found otherwise.Marlow provides a safe environment and rural values ​​in harmony with God’s creation.

Old-fashioned values ​​and discipline are still Marlow important and help your son to watch the world go to school squarely in the eye. At Marlow must sons play. The 3500 hectare Karoo farm on which the school is situated offers children the opportunity to be more children and give them to live the freedom of their dreams.

Value education with an emphasis on personal performance is complemented by efficient outdoor activities and sports with maximum opportunities. Great traditions and healthy recreation building self-esteem and your son ready to successfully enter life after school.

Leisure is also developing and is just as important as academic and extracurricular achievements. Which school can sons play and develop along drives perennial river, fishing, with inner tubes or just socialize together barbecue and socializing with friends of his peers?


The development of each learner Marlow in its totality.


For all students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and Christian norms to rest on them as dignified, happy and productive citizens live and work.

CA 10-12

1. Afrikaans Home Language
2. English First Additional Language
3. Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy
4. Agricultural Science / Agricultural Technology / Life Sciences
5. Agricultural Management Practices / Accounting / Tourism / Engineering (Grade 10)
6. Physical Science / Business Studies / Computer Applications Technology

Agriculture Courses offered:

  • Springbok This course
  • Bokhaarklasseringskursus
  • SA Mutton Merino Junior Judges Course
  • Junior Boerbokbeoordeling
  • vermin control
  • Using chainsaw
  • shaving Course
  • Use of the leveler
  • tractor Maintenance


Marlow is an agricultural school and therefore agriculture us close to the heart.

The farm has the following sections:

  • Sheep and wool department
  • Cattle division
  • Pigs division
  • Poultry Division
  • Crop Production Division
  • Agricultural Technology Division

All Grade 8 and 9 students taking agriculture as a subject and from grades 10-12, students can an agriculture-oriented direction or a purely academic argument.

It is clear that a pupil an agricultural-oriented or can follow a full academic direction.

Contact us

Phone: 048 881 3121

Fax: 048 881 3192

Email address: marlow@isat.co.za

Postal address: PO Box 40, Cradock, 5880

GPS Coordinates: S 32 ° 6.19 ‘; E 25 ° 35.22