Hot Wheels Prices In South Africa

What are Hot Wheels?


Hot Wheel is an American brand of scale model cars introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1997 when Mattel bought Tyco Toys, then the owner of Matchbox. 

Hot Wheels Prices In South Africa

Hot Wheels Tooned Lamborghini Countach [White]


Hot Wheels Dan Wheldon 2012 HW Premiere 1:64


What Hot Wheels are more valuable?

Top 8 Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars

The ultra-rare Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb, 1969.

Cheetah Base Python, 1968.

“Mad Maverick” base Mighty Maverick, 1970.

Red Baron with white interior, 1970.

Custom Volkswagen without Sunroof, 1968.

Ed Shave Custom AMX, 1970.

Blue Rodger Dodger, 1974.

Purple Olds 442 (1971)

What is the most common hot-wheel car?

The Red Baron is one of the most popular Hot Wheels of all time, and it has been in production on again and off again for decades.

Why are Hot Wheels called Hot Wheels?

According to one version of the story, El Camino even gave Hot Wheels its brand name, after someone admiring it in the Mattel parking lot remarked to Bradley, “Those are some hot wheels.” Prior to that, the working name of the project was Big Wheels, a name that Mattel competitor Marx Toys would later use.