House Plan Prices In South Africa

What is House Plan?


A house plan is a set of construction or working drawings that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as the dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods, and techniques.

House Plan Prices In South Africa

All great houses start as house plans, the vision on paper of what your home will look like. Getting one drawn up when you’re building a house will cost you anything from R2 500 – R22 000 depending on the size and style of home you want to build.

Investing in a quality house plan will help you manage your building project efficiently. That’s why we’ve put together a cost guide to help you navigate the process.

House plan costs per house

Average sized family home (150-250m)3 bedrooms2 living spaces1 bathroom1 car garageHouse plans for an average-sized family home will cost you around R2 500 to R4 000.
Modern style family home (300-400m)Double story4 bedrooms2+ living spaces2+ bathrooms2 car garageHouse plans for a contemporary-style family home of this size will cost you anything from R8 000 to R15 000 depending on your design needs.
Large modern style family home (400m+)Multiple stories5+ bedrooms3+ bathrooms2+ bathrooms3+ living spaces3+ car garageHouse plans for homes larger than 400m will cost you around R15 000 to R22 000.

What goes into your house plan cost

Your house plan cost will vary based on several factors, including the level of experience of the professionals you choose to work with. That’s why it’s important to consider as many options as you can so you get value for money.

How long does it take for a house plan to be approved in South Africa?

Once a plan is submitted it should be approved in a month to six weeks. You might need to also get PHRAG (Provincial Heritage Authority Gauteng Approval before submitting plans.

Does a House plan expire?

It varies from municipality to municipality but in general, your building plans will be valid for one year after approval, you can renew for a further year, but thereafter the plans would be treated as a new submission In some cases you can get away with putting the foundations in and then finishing the building.