How Much Is An Apple Watch In south Africa

What is an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch that allows users to accomplish a variety of tasks, including making phone calls, sending text messages and reading email.


How much is a Apple Watch Series 6 in South Africa?

What is the price of the Apple Watch Series 6 in South Africa? The new Apple Watch Series 6 ranges from R7,599 – R10,599.

How much is the Apple Watch Series 4 in South Africa?

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Pricing for the 40mm Watch Series 4 variant will start at R7,999, while pricing for the 44mm watch will start at R8,599. A number of colour options are available including pink sand, white sport, seashell and black

How much is a Apple Watch cheap?

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Apple has dropped the price of the Apple Watch 3 down to R3054.71. As a result, it’s become the cheapest Apple Watch you can find. Despite its entry-level status, the Apple Watch Series 3 is still an excellent smartwatch.

How Much Rand Is A Apple Watch?

ColorsGraphite, Gold, Silver
Price in South AfricaSouth African Rand 13,000

How Much Is An Apple Watch Now?

The Apple Watch Nike starts at R6124.77and costs R2594.20, respectively. 62/mo. You must pay 24 mo for 24 hours.

How Much Is A Apple Watch Cheap?

ModelSizeList Price
ModelSizeList Price
Apple Watch SE40mm, GPSR4282.74
Apple Watch SE40mm, LTER5050.25
Apple Watch SE44mm, GPSR4743.25

How Much Does An Apple Watch Usually Cost?

Choose between R6124.77or R245.60 for a 16-week trial. 62/mo. You will receive unlimited free access for 24 hours.

How Much Is The Apple Watch Series 4 In South Africa?

Watches with a 40mm diameter will cost R7,999, and watches with a 44mm diameter will cost R8,599. Pink sand, white sport, seashell, black are among the options available.

How Much Is The Apple Watch Series 6 In South Africa?

Starting at R8,999 for Series 6 Apple Watches, the Apple Watch SE retails in the R6,499 range.

What Is The Full Price Of An Apple Watch?

You can purchase them between R6124.77and R245.60 depending on the price. 62/mo.

Is The Apple Watch Worth It 2020?

The most accurate answer is yes!! If you want a full standalone cellular watch that leaves your phone behind or a WiFi only device that can access the app ecosystem, you should consider the Apple Watch, which has become one of the world’s most popular watches.

What Is The Newest Apple Watch 2021?

As the seventh Apple Watch release, Apple Watch Series 7 is the most recent iteration of the Apple Watch lineup that had debuted in 2015 and was slated to become the Series 6 before Series 7 became available.