How Much Is Eye Test In south Africa

What is Eye Test?

An eye examination is a series of tests performed to assess vision and ability to focus on and discern objects.


It also includes other tests and examinations pertaining to the eyes. Eye examinations are primarily performed by an optometrist, ophthalmologist, or an orthoptist.

How much does an eye test cost? All our comprehensive eye tests are only R190, whether you’re an adult, child, or pensioner.

How much does an eye test cost in South Africa?

All our comprehensive eye tests are only R190, whether you’re an adult, child, or pensioner.

Does Dischem do eye test?

Do you book the eye test at Dischem? You’d need to book an eye test through Vision Works.

Does clicks do eye test?

We do not offer eye tests.

How much does it cost to get glasses in South Africa?

The cost of prescription glasses South Africa depends on the brand. Each brand offers varying quality in transition coating, anti-glare coating, multi-focal lenses, eye-test, and frames. You can get prescription spectacles at R350 or a few thousand rands.

What do optometrists earn in South Africa?

10 least stressful jobs worldwide

Actuary64R612 000
Payroll administrator67R170 000
Orthodontist67R520 000
Optometrist70R240 000

Does Dischem have a doctor?

Wellness Clinics. Visit us in store at your convenience or book an appointment for a consultation. We will give you a medical referral if necessary.

What do you do with old prescription glasses in South Africa?

Recycling unwanted glasses to give the gift of sight. The Lions’ Club is appealing to the community to donate their old spectacles.

Members of various Lions Clubs volunteer their time to assist those in need of spectacles who have no medical aid or the finances to cover the cost of obtaining them through an optician.