How Much Is Feiyue Shoes In south Africa

What is Feiyue Shoes?

Feiyu is a shoe brand founded in Shanghai. The China owner is Dafu Rubber Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai.


The Worldwide owner was acquired by Feiyue International, a subsidiary of BBC International in the United States, in 2014. The “Feiyue” name translates “to leap” or “to fly over.”

How Much Is Feiyue Shoes In south Africa?

Now R 2 305

Why is Feiyue shoes popular?

They quickly became popular with athletes and martial arts practitioners, who found the shoes functional and light

They were famously worn by performers at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Since then, Feiyue has earned cult status among fashion connoisseurs the world over.

Are French Feiyue shoes good?

Most know Feiyue to be a martial arts/capoeira/parkour aimed brand but these ones are designed by French dudes who redesigned the label into a more street wear oriented shoe.

These shoes are good: light weight, good sole, feels reliable just like the Chinese made Feiyues.

Are Feiyues zero drop?

Today, Feiyue has become increasingly popular in gyms and for lifting because of its virtually zero drop structure.