How Much Is Fuel levy In south Africa

What is Fuel levy?

The general fuel levy is a tax on each litre of fuel.


Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced an emergency fuel price intervention in the national assembly on Thursday afternoon.

How Much Is Fuel levy In south Africa?

R2. 35 per litre and reduce the general fuel levy for diesel from R3. 70 per litre to R2. 20 per litre for two months

What is the general fuel levy used for?

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The government regulates fuel prices, which include a tax used to finance a fund to compensate accident victims, along with other levies that make up about a third of what consumers pay.

Is fuel levy a direct tax?

Fuel levy: This is a direct tax on motorists which is channelled straight to Treasury and is not ring-fenced for roads, as many believe.