How Much Is Klipdrift In south Africa

What is Klipdrift?

Barkly West was the site of the first major diamond rush, in 1870, on the South African Diamond Fields, and was initially known as Klip Drift (sometimes written as Klipdrift). 


How Much Is Klipdrift In south Africa?


What is klipdrift made of?

The Klipdrift Premium Brandy is made with copper pot stills and matured in French oak barrels. This product has a 43% alcohol content.

A rich aroma of stewed apples, spices, crushed walnuts and warm oak is what to expect when you taste this wine.

How do you drink klipdrift?


Fill a tall glass with ice, Klipdrift Premium, berry juice & give it a quick stir.

Top up with dry lemon and stir again.

Garnish and enjoy!

What type of alcohol is klipdrift?


Klipdrift Brandy is skilfully distilled and left to age in French Oak for a minimum of 3 years, guaranteeing you a smooth,

full-bodied taste and won the World’s Best Brandy at the World Brandy Awards in 2016.