How Much Is Level 11 Salary In South Africa

What is Level 11Salary?

Level 11 salary is the amount government employees that are grouped or are in the level 11 salary band receive.


How Much Is Level 11Salary In South Africa?

Below are the salary bands and the salary levels in South Africa

1R103 562
2R171 278
3R206 957
4R247 296
5R283 227
6R332 985
7R411 227
8R479 868
9R567 956
10R710 273
11R851 022
12R1 222 246
13R1 147 609
14R1 378 620
15R1 661 168
16R2 130 602

How much should I be earning South Africa?

The average worker gets paid R23,982 per month (up slightly from R23,908 recorded in Q3 2021), up from R23,084 in the same period in 2020. This equates to approximately R287,784 per year. Year-on-year, basic salary/wages increased by R46. 4 billion or (6.9%) between December 2020 and December 2021.