How Much Is Lobola In south Africa

What is Lobola?

Lobola or Lobolo referred to as “bride wealth”is property in livestock or kind, which a prospective husband or head of his family undertakes to give to the head of a prospective wife’s family in gratitude of letting the husband marry their daughter.


How Much Is Lobola In south Africa?


How many cows are needed for lobola?

10 cows

It is generally accepted that 10 cows, at a minimum, are required in a lobola within the Xhosa and Zulu cultures,

however, differing customs within various regions may contribute in determining this amount, as well as the value of each cow.

What happens if lobola is not paid in full?

“It is very important to celebrate the customary marriage after lobola negotiations have been concluded.

“By merely paying or receiving lobola in full without the requisite celebration, the marriage is not concluded in accordance with customary law, and therefore considered invalid,”.

Who is responsible for paying lobola?

“In many cases, it is the man who pays the bride-price 

What is done on lobola day?

Setting the wedding date

It’s his way of saying thank you and it’s also compensation for the bride’s father.

The groom acknowledges that he is taking her away from her family; some may say it’s an apology. When done right, lobola is a great and effective way of uniting and solidifying the two families.

What are the advantages of lobola?

The advantages of lobola are quite many. Firstly, it is a declaration of compliance to the culture that you belong to.

That declaration is an assurance that you are a “normal” man in your society. In other words, you are going to pass on the culture to your future generations.