How Much Is Lounge Underwear In south Africa

What is Lounge Underwear?

Clothing worn next to the skin under outer clothes.


How Much Is Lounge Underwear In south Africa?

How did Lounge underwear get so big?

Lounge Underwear says COVID-19 led to a massive sales spike this year. And the -based retailer has nearly quadrupled staff over the past year to keep up with surging sales, says Arron Kooner, head of customer communications. “Our CEO always says COVID has been the perfect storm for us,” Kooner says.

Who is lounge underwear target audience?

all women

At Lounge, they cater to all women with their stunning matching bra and underwear sets, as well as swimwear and apparel, making all items comfortable – yet sexy.

Is lounge underwear an ethical brand?

We agree, it totally is. But as a carbon neutral brand, we’ve used carbon offsetting and its methodology to offset 100% of our carbon footprint with environmental projects that we are passionate about.

How much does Lounge underwear pay influencers?

Rates for Influencers like @loungeunderwear

R25693.56 average cost per post.

How do I become a loungewear ambassador?

Here is what you’ll need to do!

Find out if Lounge Underwear has an existing influencer program.

Dig up the right contact at Lounge Underwear marketing department.

Craft a perfect email and pitch for a collaboration with Lounge Underwear.

Send the pitch to Lounge Underwear and follow up if they don’t respond.