How Much Is Temporary Passport In south Africa

What is Temporary Passport?

A Temporary Passport was initially issued as an interim travel document due to longer turn-around times taken to issue a permanent 10 years tourist passport. This turn-around time has improved drastically rendering issuance of Temporary Passports redundant.


How Much Does It Cost To Make A Temporary Passport In South Africa?

It takes 10 days to process your order. The processing fee is R140 and the additional R400 is needed for the proper application of your tourist passport upon your return.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport In South Africa?

Typically, two working days are needed for the application and issuance of a tourist passport. The tourist passport is valid for ten years and is valid for any country you visit. For passports, the validity period must be at least thirty days after they were issued. At least two blank pages will make up entry stamps on a passport.

How Much Does A Passport Cost In South Africa 2021?

Call your nearest office for your Personal Identification Number (PII), the current renewal period/expendable passport, and an estimated fee of about R400. They often have weak cash points, so take cash with you. To apply for a passport, please complete and submitDHA-73). Before you can apply for a passport, you must get parental consent.

How Much Does A Passport Cost In South Africa 2020?

Regular passports$33. 00Minimum 6 months
Lost, stolen or damaged passports$66.00Minimum 6 months
Child passports$33.00Minimum 6 months
Emergency Travel Certificates$12.00

How Long Does A Temp Passport Take?

Usually five working days are required for processing.

How Long Does It Take To Get A South African Passport 2020?

There is no passport issued through South Africa’s embassy in Telanj Province. Once they have been submitted or forwarded, these applications still need to be received by the appropriate South African representative office. They typically take six (6) months or more to be finalized.

How Much Is A Temporary South African Id?

A temporary identity certificate (TIC) may be what you do in the event that your application for an ID document won’t be finished in time to cast a vote. Each TIC costs R70,000.00.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport In Sa?

In the United States, the passport must be processed within 7-21 days, and it must be issued within 10 years. Valid for at least 30 days from the intended departure date, your passport can be taken into account.

Can You Fast Track A Passport In South Africa?

We will track and inform you as soon as your application has become available so that you can fight the hassle of waiting in long lines. We’ll also handle the issuance of the new South African passports whenever your passport is lost. Moreover, our team assists customers whose valid passports have been stolen or lost.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport During Covid?

The period of routine processing (for an additional $60) is from 8 to 11 weeks; expedite processing is from 5 to 7 weeks (for $80). You are still waiting a day at a passport agency or center for us to accept your application once we receive it, if we receive it on the day you mail it or apply at a local passport office.

How Much Is New South African Passport?

First application for Tourist PassportR400.00
Re- apply must bring old passport copyR400.00
Re-apply with lost passportR800.00
Re-apply with passport that is full – must bring full passportR400.00
Re-apply with passport that is full – but passport is lostR800.00

How Much Do Passports Cost?

Type of Passport/ApplicationAmount
1Ordinary passportsKsh. 4,550.00
Ksh. 6,050.00
Ksh. 7,550.00
2Diplomatic passportsKsh. 7,550.00