How Much Is Trade Test Certificate In south Africa

What is Trade Test Certificate?

It involves theoretical and practical demonstration of knowledge and skill. A Trade Test Certificate is usually required by employers before they will employ or advance you in your career and allow you to do work at a certain level.


How much does it cost to get a trade certificate in South Africa?

How Much Is Trade Test Certificate In South Africa? For the electrical trade trade test preparation, ARPL, and trade test preparation course, 13-15 workdays must be covered. The package in Pretoria is R12 500 and in Cape Town it is R14 500.

What level is a trade test certificate?

A trade test will be written after the completion of formal training. A learnership is a 3 year qualification, with NQF Level 2, 3, 4.

How much does an electrical trade test cost?

The electrical trade test price is R3500 in Johannesburg or Pretoria and R4500 in Cape Town. The electrical trade preparation course is +- 15 workdays and includes your ARPL. Your final test is conducted over 2 workdays. You must pass all 5 modules and have 3 chances to do your trade test.

How long is a trade test?

The course can be done either full time or part time. The full time course is four weeks long, while the part time course is 6 Weekends long. Please refer to Electrical Trade Test Preparation for more details regarding the schedule.