How Much Is Weight Loss Surgery In south Africa

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Bariatric surgery includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese. Long-term weight loss through the standard of care procedures is largely achieved by altering gut hormone levels responsible for hunger and satiety, leading to a new hormonal weight set point.


How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost In South Africa

A patient who undergoes a gastric bypass procedure is fully anesthetized for up to three hours, and specialized skills are required to complete the surgery. Accordingly, the associated medical costs for the surgery alone can be anywhere in the region from R100 000 to R150 000!

Which bariatric surgery is cheapest?

Gastric bypass is tied for the lowest-cost procedure if you have insurance that covers bariatric surgery. Without insurance, it has the 6th lowest average total cost.

How do I get a gastric bypass in South Africa?

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Who qualifies for bariatric surgery

Patients between the ages of 18 and 65 years, with a body mass index (BMI) score of 40kg/m2 or more could qualify for surgery.

Patients with a BMI score of 35 kg/m2 or more would qualify if they have at least two serious co-morbid conditions.

How much is a gastric sleeve in South Africa?

A bariatric operation can cost R80 000 or more, depending on the length of your stay in hospital and any complications that may occur.

At the moment, most South African medical aids don’t cover bariatric surgery.

How much is a gastric band in South Africa?

The operation costs about R60000 and includes an initial consultation with the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and psychologist, in-hospital physiotherapy, and any pre-operative blood tests or laboratory work.

Brombacher has performed 117 of these procedures so far. Only three of them were paid for by medical aids.