How Much Is Youtube Premium In south Africa

What is YouTube Premium


YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by the video platform YouTube. The service provides ad-free access to content across the service, as well as access to premium YouTube Originals

How Much Does Youtube Premium Cost In South Africa

YouTube Premium costs R71. 99 per month or R109. 99 for the Family Plan. A Family Plan subscription gives up to 6 people the option to share a single subscription.

Why is YouTube Premium so expensive?

As it turns out, the prevalence of ad-blocking is one of the driving forces behind YouTube Premium. YouTube has long been the king of free videos, but those videos are expensive to host and stream. If people keep blocking ads, YouTube has no choice but to pursue alternative revenue models.

How do you get the premium free for 6 months on YouTube?

How to use

Login to your Google Account.

In case you are active YouTube Premium user or availed YouTube Premium membership trial, this offer is not applicable for you.

Copy the coupon code in the desktop/mobile browser.

Click on ‘GET YOUTUBE PREMIUM’ and then select the “6 MONTHS FREE” plan.

How many devices can use YouTube Premium?

If you are a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium member, you can use the offline features of your paid membership on up to 10 mobile devices at a time. If you try to download a video on a new device once you’ve reached this limit, the oldest of the 10 devices will be de-authorized.

Can you watch movies for free with YouTube Premium?

As a YouTube Premium member, you can enjoy the selection of free movies from YouTube Movies & Shows without ad interruptions. For such movies, you are only able to stream on up to two devices at a time per YouTube Premium account and up to four devices at a time per YouTube Premium family plan.

Does YouTube come with YouTube Premium?

In general, YouTube Premium is a separate membership from YouTube TV. However, if you’re both a YouTube Premium and YouTube TV member, you can watch your favorite YouTube videos on YouTube TV ads-free. You will still see ads on live and recorded TV shows.