HP Laptop Charger Prices In South Africa

HP Laptop Charger Prices In South Africa


HP Replacement Laptop Charger 19V 4.74A Big pin

  • R 188.
  • R 499.

Do all HP laptops use the same charger?

HP laptops do not have one single compatible laptop charger. Before attempting to purchase a compatible replacement laptop charger for your HP, it is worth checking with the manufacturer for compatibility with your PC.

How can I charge my HP laptop if I lost the charger?

Remember, if you lose your laptop charger and you desperately need to get it powered back up, you can always: Charge your laptop via USB-C. Use an adapter to charge your laptop in a vehicle. Charge your laptop with a power bank.

How do I know what charger to buy for my HP laptop?

Ary. Look on the bottom of the laptop sometimes under the battery for the Volts and Amps. Look on the AC adaptors for the Volts and Amps. Just match them.

Can I use the old HP charger for the new HP laptop?

Since the maximum power output of the new charger is actually greater, you won’t have any problems in that department. The difference between the voltages (18.5V and 19V) is minimal. The majority of recent HP laptops are designed to work at 18.5V, 19V, and even 19.5V.

Can I use a universal charger for my HP laptop?

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A: Yes, this charger is compatible with all modern HP laptops except high-powered gaming models and ones that use Type C connectors. A: This charger will work excellently with your model. it will automatically use the amount of power that it needs to run. A: It depends on the exact model of your Spectre x360.