HTH Chlorine Prices In South Africa

What is HTH Chlorine?


HTH® Liquid Chlorine is a convenient, easy-to-use way to protect your swimming pool water from bacteria and algae. Dual action. The 2-in-1 formula gives you the benefit of shocking and sanitizing without over-stabilizing your swimming pool water. Compatible with all pools.

HTH Chlorine Prices In South Africa

HTH -Floater+ for large pools – 1.6kg with 2kg Charka Briquettes

  • R 199.
  • R 249.

Who manufactures HTH in South Africa?

Since 1974, HTH® Dry Chlorine has been manufactured locally at our manufacturing plant in Chloorkop, east of Johannesburg. Olin (Pty) Ltd South Africa is a subsidiary of Olin Corporation are an undisputed global leader in the production of calcium hypochlorite.

How much HTH chlorine do I add to my pool?

Shock treat with three cups of HTH granular or a sachet of HTH Shock It, following the instructions on the pack. Set the pool on the filter for 24 hours. Backwash the pool for two minutes and rinse for 20 seconds.

How much HTH shock do I need for a 1000-gallon pool?

For example, HTH® Shock Advanced! asks for one pound per 13,500 gallons. So for a 21-thousand-gallon pool, you’d want to round up to two pounds of shock.

How much chlorine do I need for 1000 Litres?

To dose water in a tank with 5 mg/L chlorine use: 40 millilitres of liquid pool chlorine or 170 millilitres of bleach, for every 1000 litres in the tank.

How long does chlorine last in a pool?

Most floating chlorinators can hold anywhere from two to eight weeks’ worth of chlorine, depending on conditions such as the season and your pool’s size. An automatic feeder works in a similar way, allowing it to mix with the pool water slowly and deliberately.