Hybrid Plus Speakers Prices In South Africa

What are Hybrid Plus Speakers?


Hybrid Audio speakers are the best automotive speakers money can buy and continually push the limits of automotive sound-stage reproduction. Every Hybrid Audio product has been designed and built for true-to-the-source clarity, definition, and realism.

Hybrid Plus Speakers Prices In South Africa

How much are hybrid speakers in South Africa?

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Hybrid PA15B 15″ 300w (peak) Battery Operated Speaker

R3,895.00 Incl

How can I make my speaker box sound better?

Stuff with Polyfill

For sealed enclosures, a method to improve the sound is to fill the enclosure with polyfill. Polyfill is a material that will slow down the airflow within the subwoofer, therefore giving you a tighter and cleaner bass production than before.

How can I power a passive speaker without an amp?

Powering Passive Speakers Using an AV Receiver

An AV receiver can, most of the time, replace an external amplifier since these devices have enough power to amp passive speakers. You can connect your passive speaker wire to the equipment via a phono cable and then to the sound output of your computer, for example.

Why are line array speakers better?

And unlike traditional point source speakers, you can add more volume to a line array by adding to the line.

This increased range comes at a price, however. Line array systems work best with low and mid-range frequencies, while point source systems provide a full range of sound without additional modifications.