Hyundai H1 Prices In South Africa

What is Hyundai H1?


Hyundai H-1 is a nameplate of a van and pickup truck used by Hyundai Motor Company in European export markets for three related models: Hyundai Starex, (called i800 in Europe and H-200 in the Netherlands) a minibus/van. Hyundai Libero, a pickup truck.

Hyundai H1 Prices In South Africa

2013 Hyundai H-1 2.5VGTi Bus GLS For Sale

R 329 950

2019 Hyundai H-1 2.5VGTi Bus Elite 12-seater For Sale

R 599 500

2016 Hyundai H-1 2.5VGTi Bus For Sale

R 359 900

Is Hyundai H1 automatic?

In the Hyundai H1 range, if you want a petrol-engine model you have to opt for a manual gearbox, whereas the diesel models only come with an automatic gearbox.

How many seats is a Hyundai H1?

12/9 seat

Whoever you are, wherever you go. The H-1 Urban offers numerous advantages as a 12/9-seat passenger wagon.