Internship Programme at Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone

By | February 13, 2017

Internship Programme at Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone

Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company (RBIDZ) invites applications for Internship opportunities.

The Internship Programme is aimed at attracting students who have successfully completed their studies and those who require experiential training to complete their formal qualification. Even though the main purpose of the programme is to provide interns with on-the-job training, a competitive salary of R66 708.00 will be paid to interns per annum.

The Programme provides interns with practical experience under the constant guidance of experts and mentors in the following fields:

  • Planning
  • Brand Management and Marketing
  • Stakeholder and Communications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Enrolled with University or University of Technology as a student in Town and Regional Planning and completion of at least the first year of study (Planning Intern)
  • Graduate Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Marketing & Communications or National Diploma in Marketing or B. Com Marketing or any other qualification in Branding and Marketing will be acceptable (Brand Management & Marketing Intern)
  • A National Diploma/Degree in Public Relations and Communications / Marketing and Communication or Degree in Marketing and Communications / B Com Marketing or equivalent (Stakeholder & Communications Intern)
  • National Diploma/Degree in Human Resource Management or equivalent. Unemployed, no relevant workplace experience needed (HR Management Intern)
  • Degree in Social Science or Public Administration ●Public Policy majoring with Monitoring & Evaluation ●Performance Information Management ●Development al Studies ●Environmental Planning & Development (Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation Intern)

How to apply

Closing date is 22 February 2016. Click here to apply online