Joie Prams Prices In South Africa

What is Joie Prams

 Joie Baby is the newest baby brand in Australia creating products to make life with small children less work and more fun.

Joie Prams Prices In South Africa

Joie Meet Pact stroller

R 2,000

Join stroller

R 2,200

Is Joie baby a good brand?

At the Mother&Baby Awards 2021, Joie scooped some of the top prizes within the car seat and travel system categories. Let us take you through them for inspiration when you’re next looking for safety products for your bubba.

Is Joie pram good?

The Joie Chrome is a sturdy pushchair that offers great value for money. After three months of testing, it held its own against much flashier – and more expensive travel systems. This pushchair is sturdy. So sturdy, it would probably stay upright in a hurricane (disclaimer: we did not test it in a hurricane).