KPMG Vacation Work 2017

By | April 26, 2017

KPMG Vacation Work 2017

Vac Work applications for Cape Town and Johannesburg are closed

More positions will become available in March 2017

Vacation work at KPMG is an extraordinary opportunity to experience a leading corporate environment first hand.


Our programmes are designed to give you maximum exposure to real work situations and challenges, while getting to know KPMG’s culture.

We offer several exciting and challenging opportunities for students who want to become Chartered Accountants.

KPMG offers three vac work opportunities of between one and four weeks’ length. Each vacation work programme is designed to meet your needs at a specific level in your career.

Entry level (one week)

This programme is designed to meet the needs of students who have never done vac work before, either with KPMG or any other firm. The first four days of this programme consist of training, where you will learn the basics of practical auditing and get to know more about KPMG as a firm. On your last day, you will join an Audit business unit where you’ll experience work in the field. This introductory vacation work programme focuses primarily on giving you the opportunity to experience KPMG’s culture and the work that we do.

Intermediate (one week)

The intermediate vacation work programme is aimed at students who have been through KPMG’s entry-level programme already. The first two days on this vac work programme are spent in training where you will learn the basics of practical auditing and get to know more about KPMG as a firm. You will then spend three days with an Audit team at a client, doing real audit work and gaining some exposure to auditing in the field and the team dynamics in a real working environment.

Super Vac programme (two to four weeks) – Johannesburg only

The Super Vac programme is offered to experienced second-year and third-year CA accounting students. To participate, you must have completed KPMG’s entry level and intermediate vacation programmes, or have been on two vacation work programmes where you performed work at a client’s offices. You will spend your first three days of vac work in training where you will learn the basics of practical auditing and get to know more about KPMG as a firm.

Through this vac programme, you will get to experience various business units within KPMG. You will join an Audit team and accompany this team to one of their clients. Here, you will gain first-hand experience of the audit process by completing audit sections on your own, but with access to a team of experts who can help and guide you through your task.

Students who have been lucky enough to participate in our Super Vac programme have been very positive about their experience at KPMG. They learned a lot in their time with us, and were impressed by their Audit team’s willingness to teach them new skills and help them apply their knowledge.

The Super Vac programme runs for the full month of January. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience a first-year articled clerk’s working environment, and get a taste of life at KPMG.

KPMG encourages all vacation work students to build relationships with one another, and to try to work in as many different Audit divisions as possible. This will help you make a well-informed choice about the next step in your career if you join the Firm.

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