Lithium Solar Batteries Prices In South Africa

What are Lithium Solar Batteries?

Lithium-ion solar batteries are deep-cycle batteries, so they have DoDs of around 95%. Many lead acid batteries only have a DoD of 50%.


This means you can use more of the energy that’s stored in a lithium-ion battery without having to charge it as often.

Lithium Solar Batteries Prices In South Africa?

Across all the lithium-ion solar battery brands, you can expect to pay between R12,000 and R70,000 and up for home use batteries and millions of rands for commercial batteries.

How do solar lithium batteries work?

Lithium-ion batteries work through a chemical reaction that stores chemical energy before converting it to electrical energy.

The reaction occurs when lithium ions release free electrons, and those electrons flow from the negatively-charged anode to the positively-charged cathode.

How long will a lithium solar battery last?

Long lifespan

Most lithium-ion solar batteries have a minimum warrantied lifespan of around 10 years, or a cycle life of 10,000 cycles – whichever comes first.

Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, only have warrantied lifespans of around 5 years.