MC Gregor Waldorf School

The students of the McGregor Waldorf school recently announced that the fact that the school is multi cultural, multi lingual and has a welcoming country style living where the one rule is respect are some of the treasures it has to offer.


McGregor, the home of the McGregor Waldorf School, is situated in the Breede River Valley of the Western Cape. This small, well preserved village sits amongst mountains surrounding beautiful country dotted with vineyards and fruit trees.

Our school is a private school registered with the Department of Education and the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA). The school is a member of the Federation of Waldorf Schools. The registration of the school as a Non-Profit Organization is being processed.

The teaching taking place in the McGregor Waldorf School and College is based upon the principles of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Waldorf Schools around the world are committed to these intrinsic principles of education developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the guiding force behind the Waldorf School movement:

  • Childhood is sacred.
  • Children learn naturally and easily when a curriculum meets their specific developmental needs.
  • Children’s imaginations must be carefully nurtured and protected from the encroachment of materialism and media.
  • Education must address the whole child, not only the intellect, but also the physical, social, emotional, artistic and spiritual capacities.

Receive the child in reverence, Educate the child with love, Let the child go forth in freedom.

MC Gregor Waldorf School Accommodation

You can only really appreciate McGregor  with an extended stay.  Although a day trip can serve as a taster, it takes time to really get into the village vibe. Careful though, there are those of us who came for just such a visit and have never left.

MC Gregor Waldorf Mind and Body

McGregor is renowned for its holistic healers, attending variously to the mind, body and soul. There are also several active church congregations for those who prefer formal worship.

It’s not really clear why so much holistic healing is available in the village. The most likely theory stems from McGregor’s important position as as one of the sacred sites of Southern Africa, with converging ley lines resulting in a high level of natural energy. This is confirmed by the numerous Bushmen paintings and other artefacts found in the valley

MC Gregor Waldorf The Arts

This is most probably due to the quiet and beauty of the environment acting as a creative spur, but just possibly due to the ley lines, energy spirals or even the large number of extra-terrestrials who have chosen to settle here. It is certainly true that, for many years, creative and spiritual people have been drawn to the area.

Once upon a time we nearly became a ‘national monument’ but there were North American tee-pees, bucket toilets, pigs at our gate (and don’t forget the A-frame where that author lived), so we didn’t quite make it.

Nevertheless, we’re one big art-route.

The beauty of our natural surroundings is visible from every point and an artistic license infects even the most prosaic of activities. Apart from artists and crafters, bands, dance groups, choirs, there’s heirloom gardening, odd forms of vehicle construction, and self-orchestrated burials.

Theories have been put forward to explain this high level of inventiveness: like ley-lines (those geological veins of high magnetism), aliens, vortexes, or the reincarnation of the Knights Cathar.

But in the neighbouring Valley towns they don’t bother to explain, ‘McGregor se mense is sommer weird!’ is what they say. We don’t mind this reputation; it could be worse: In Swellendam, according to Aunt Stienie Goliath, when the old people threatened naughty children ‘Ons gaan julle McGregor-toe stuur!’ they said.

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