Milpark Education Business School

Milpark Education’s schools – Milpark Business School, Milpark School of Commerce, Milpark School of Investment and Banking, Milpark School of Financial Planning and Insurance, and Milpark College – all provide the same high level of quality, learning and flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of both our students as well as industry.


Milpark Education’s short courses provide prospective students with an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the domains of  management, business administration and bookkeeping/accounting.

These courses are flexible and engaging, in that students attend classes on Saturdays over a period of two to three months with the support of subject matter experts. These contact-learning sessions provide students with the opportunity to network with their peers and share ideas on how to improve existing processes and procedures in their current work environments.

Milpark Business School delivers an education that empowers and equips current and future leaders to pursue ethical and sustainable business practices informed by the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals), in an evolving local, Continental and global milieu. 

Our responsive and flexible learning solutions, are grounded on the premises of relevant and quality tuition, service and support excellence, and dynamic partnership with industry. 

Our school’s progressive online learning practices and immersive campus learning experiences combine highly interactive teaching with personalised attention. With a global vision, students are equipped with critical hard and soft skills to make an immediate impact in the business world.

All our programmes, from the MBA through to short courses, are delivered via classroom learning, online learning and distance learning.

Our flagship qualification, the MBA, received AMBA accreditation in 2018, and is the only AMBA accredited MBA in Africa for both contact and online distance learning. 

With this accreditation, Milpark’s MBA has joined the top 2% of global business schools in over 70 countries.

Courses offered Milpark Education Business School

Adobe Indesign (I&II)
Advanced Accounting (Bridging Short Course to PGDA / CTA)
Advanced Certificate in Banking Services
Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning
Advanced Certificate in Management (ACM)
Advanced Certificate in Short-term Insurance
Advanced Project Management (Short)
Applied Project Management
Assessor Training

Bachelor in Commerce (with a major in Banking and Investment Management)
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (with a major in Human Resources)
Bachelor of Business Administration (with a major in Marketing)
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Banking)
Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Credit)
Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Financial Planning)
Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Investment Management)
Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Short-term insurance)
Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Tax)
Bachelor of Commerce (with major in Compliance and Risk Management)
Business Management (Online)
Business Management (Short)

Certificate in Office Administration
Conference and Events Management
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Online)
Corporate Governance & Risk Management (Short)
CPD and Class of Business
Credit Analysis for Business Banking

Diploma in Banking
Diploma in Human Resources Management and Practices
Diploma in Office Administration
Diploma: Public Sector Accounting
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Emerging Corporate Leadership (Advanced)
Emerging Corporate Leadership (Entry Level)
Essential Banking Principles
Estate Planning

FET Certificate Human Resource Management and Practice Support
FET Certificate: Bookkeeping
FETC: Business Administration Services
Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Online)
Financial Planning Products (Online)
First Level Regulatory Exam Support for Representatives (Online)
Foundations in Retail Banking (Online)
Fundamentals of Project Management
Fundamentals of Project Management (Short)

Higher Certificate in Banking Services
Higher Certificate in Financial Planning
Higher Certificate in Financial Products
Higher Certificate in Management (HCM)
Higher Certificate in Office Admin
Higher Certificate in Office Admin (ICB Bus. Mngmnt)
Higher Certificate in Short-term Insurance
Higher Diploma in Banking
Human Resource Management Short Course (Online)

IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification
Income Tax Refresher
Investment Analysis

Management 360
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 Certification
Middle Management Development Programme

National Certificate in Banking Services Advice
National Certificate in Generic Management
National Certificate: Bookkeeping
National Certificate: Business Administration Services
National Certificate: Public Administration
National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting
National Certificate:Small Business Financial Management
National Diploma: Financial Accounting
National Diploma: Financial Accounting (ICB Bus. Mngmnt)
National Diploma: Financial Accounting (ICB Public Sector)
National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting
New Venture Creation (Online)

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (CTA)
Postgraduate Diploma in Banking
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA)
Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Supply Chain Management

Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership (Online)