Mobile Fridge Prices In South Africa

What is Mobile Fridge?

Mobile refrigeration is a concept built around providing refrigerator and freezer capacity in a portable format.


Trailers – Triton Mechanical provides refrigerators and freezers built as trailers that can be towed with any standard pickup truck. We deliver directly to your site and set up the unit for you.

Mobile Fridge Prices In South Africa?


How do mobile freezers work?

They work by using a small current of electricity to help keep your ice frozen. These kinds of coolers are extremely affordable, but they aren’t very effective.

Put simply, they take the heat that’s inside your cooler and put it on the outside. There’s no actual refrigeration.

Can you leave a mobile fridge on all the time?

Due to its design, simplicity, and lack of moving parts in the motor, the fridge has been known to live up to 30+ years.

This means it does not matter if you do or do not run the fridge continuously full-time – it has been designed to last regardless.