Mobile Offices Prices In South Africa

What are Mobile Offices?

A mobile office is an office built within a truck, motorhome, trailer, or purpose-built shipping container. Most common are towable offices built on an axle iron frame for easy relocation.


The term “mobile office” is also used for the workspace of salespeople or similar, working out of their company office.

Mobile Offices Prices In South Africa?

Price: R 10 000. 000

Are mobile offices insulated?

Mobile office trailers are generally insulated, but not as well as permanent structures.

Depending on what time of year you intend to use the mobile office trailer, be sure to consider the heating or cooling costs.

What is needed for a mobile office?

A Laptop or Tablet that Suits Your Needs. For many professionals, a tablet with the right apps is all they need to conduct business remotely.

Data Security. For home use, a portable drive can be invaluable.


A Schedule.

The Right Bag.

An “Office”