Movicol Prices In South Africa

What is Movicol?

It is a laxative for the treatment of constipation in adults, adolescents, and the elderly. It is not recommended for children below 12 years of age.


Movicol helps you to have a comfortable bowel movement even if you have been constipated for a long time. Movicol also works in very bad constipation called fecal impaction.

Movicol Prices In South Africa?


Is it better to take Movicol at night or morning?

You can take MOVICOL® at any time of day that is convenient.

How long should you use Movicol?

MOVICOL has been shown to be generally well tolerated in studies of up to 2 years duration.

MOVICOL works in harmony by using water and the body’s own processes to facilitate regular bowel movements.

Do you need a prescription for Movicol in South Africa?

MOVICOL CHOCOLATE is available without a doctor’s prescription, for you to treat a mild illness.

How quickly does Movicol work?

MOVICOL® usually takes 1 to 2 days to trigger the first bowel movement.