Mpumalanga University Vision, Mission and Values

Mpumalanga University Vision, Mission and Values


To be an African University leading in creating opportunities for sustainable development
through innovation.


To offer high quality educational and training opportunities that foster the holistic
development of students through teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and
engagement, in collaboration with strategic partners.


 Excellence; uphold the highest standards of excellence in all its actions, functions and
• Integrity; undeviating honesty, by utmost fairness, caring for one another as fellow
human beings, and treating one another with the utmost respect
 Diversity; unlocking a range of interactions, and enhancing exposure to a wide variety
of diverse cultures, backgrounds, views and opinions
• Collaboration; actively seek out opportunities for collaboration with all its stakeholders
in maximising the development of human potential and socio-economic development
• Adaptability; acknowledging our ever changing knowledge contexts, institutional
environments, and social situations and therefore the need to promote and foster
• Relevance; endorses the need for its academic programmes, research activities,
and engagement projects to respond to its context
• Inspiration; allows and encourages others to be more and do more than what at first
seems possible