Music, Visual and Performing Arts Bursaries South Africa.

Music, Visual and Performing Arts Bursaries South Africa.

The ARTS career field is one in which your success is strongly determined by your passion and drive. The salary ranges in this job sector are very vast – with the right skills, ambition and opportunities, you could go from being a “starving artist” to a world famous artist. If you love what you do (most people in the arts sector do), then success is sure to follow.

Whether you dream of pursuing a career in visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, film making, video making, design, sculpture, ceramics and crafts) or performing arts (dance, drama and singing), passion is ultimately the key to your success.

In order to qualify for a bursary within the ARTS sector, you will generally have to submit or perform a piece of your “art work”, depending on whether you are in the visual or performing arts sector. You will also be required to have a certain level of academic results.

While creativity cannot be taught, your skills and talents can be fine-tuned with the help of a tertiary qualification. If you are in need of tertiary funding, these bursary opportunities could be very helpful. If the stage is your office, then these are the bursary listings for you.


There are many career paths within the Dance industry, whether you choose to become a professional backup dancer, dance teacher or choreographer, the possibilities are endless.


Those who have obtained a drama or theatre qualification usually go on to acting in on-stage theatre shows, in television series, in blockbuster movies or even teaching drama.


If you’ve always had a flair for fashion or would like to gain the skills required to create fashion masterpieces, a career in the fashion or textile industry may be your perfect fit.


If you prefer a spot behind the camera instead of in front of the camera, maybe you should consider a career within the film or motion picture industry.
Motion picture producers may start their career as a screenwriter, actor or business manager before expanding their skills to film production.


The fine arts field includes: architecture, painting, sculpture, printmaking, poetry, music, photography, conceptual art, video editing & production, film and design.
The visual arts field includes: drawing, design, crafts, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography, video production and literature.


Jewellery design is the art of designing and creating jewellery pieces. Before an item is created, the jewelery designer produces a design concept, followed by technical drawings. Jewellery designers are trained in the functional and architectural knowledge of the materials, wearability, composition, fabrication methods and current trends.


The performing arts field includes art practices whereby artists use their voices and bodies, usually in relation to other objects, to project an artistic expression.
Sectors within the performing arts field includes: drama, dance, theatre and music (singing and composition).


Some of the most popular careers within the music sector includes: performing and music writing, DJ, record producer and music teacher.