Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Off Campus Accommodation

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Off Campus Accommodation

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Off Campus Accommodation offer alternative accommodation for students who do not get space in the on campus residences in the form of accredited big properties (more than 20 beds) and small properties (less than 20 beds).

Off Campus Housing Office (OCHO) accredits accommodation that is within walking distance from the university or that is within the route of the NMMU shuttle services. The range of flats, apartments, houses and communal residence all comply with the minimum standards as set by the University Accreditation policy.

Students must all apply via Off Campus Housing Office (OCHO) for all off-campus residences. A database of all accredited properties is made available to interested applicants.

Apply for accommodation here

Checking out procedures:

 Checking out of your Accommodation:

1.Notify the off campus accommodation office at least 7 days prior to departure

2.Complete Forms:

2.1Fill out the forex/banking details form (please print in capital letters) for our office to use when returning your deposit.

Cheque requests will only be entertained if the student is able to collect it within 5 working days from the date of departure.

2.2Notify subscriptions, banks, bills/accounts and loved ones of your change of address

3.Pack it Up:

3.1Start early to pack items you will not need or take back with you when returning home, at least a week or two before departing Port Elizabeth.

3.2Schedule time for collection of unwanted items should you wish to donate it to various charities.

4.Clean it Up:

4.1Make sure you schedule time to clean and tidy your accommodation before the inspection.

4.2Students will be charged a cleaning fee of R 300 if accommodation is not returned in the same way you received it when moving in.

4.3Make sure your posters/photos, etc. are removed from notice boards.

5.Day of Moving Out:

5.1Arrange for transportation and storage of your items should you return the following year.


Unopened non-perishable food: consider donating it

Perishable food: place in the dumpsters. Do not leave it in the accommodation.

Do not assume your remaining roommates need or want your leftovers – dump/trash it, or give it to someone that wants it.

6.Be On Time:

6.1Be ready for your inspection on time.

6.2Inform our office should your departure be delayed

6.3Refund of deposits: transfers to foreign bank accounts can take up to 6 weeks to reflect in your bank account.

Contact the office for help 

Email :

Checking Out of Accommodation – Expectations

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