Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Thesis

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For further guidance on writing your dissertation/thesis consult the Writing Centre on South Campus,
building 6 (Education Faculty building lower ground floor rooms 11-12).

Contact Linda on 041 5042686/Rod 041 5042052


Quality Control

How do you know that my dissertation, thesis or report is good enough?

  • Ensure that the final submission of the dissertation or thesis is thoroughly proofread and if you do not have the necessary language skills find someone that has. You cannot expect the supervisor or promoter to correct small errors.
  • Ensure that it meets the necessary presentation standards.
  • Correct language usage is of utmost importance.
  • It is your responsibility to check your grammar and spelling. You cannot expect your promoter/supervisor to correct your spelling and grammar.
  • Read each chapter to ensure that the objective is clearly states and if the conclusion indicates if the objective was achieved.
  • Check if there are any facts that do not belong there or have been mentioned elsewhere or do not apply to the relevant chapter.
  • Ensure that the correct numbers are used where results are reported.

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