Oakley House Preparatory School

At OAKLEY HOUSE HIGH SCHOOL, our aim is to find ways that do work, that will provide a complete and personalised education for your son or daughter. Our learners follow the mainsteam curriculum in a smaller, remedial environment, whilst also mastering the required thinking skills, independence, self-discipline, responsibility, social competence and confidence to a the point where they can be reintroduced to mainstream education. To facilitate access to a broad and balanced curriculum, differentiation and extension of the curriculum is done throughout all teaching and learning.


School Fees Of Oakley House Preparatory School

While every effort is made to keep fees as low as possible whilst maintaining standards, small group teaching and highly qualified staff means that costs are high.

 Monthly fees (12)
(1 Jan – 1 Dec)
Quarterly feesAnnual feesDISCOUNTED Annual fees
(if paid before 31st January)
Grade RR7 100.00R21 300.00R85 200.00R80 940.00
Grade 1 – 6R8 640.00R25 920.00R103 680.00R98 496.00

Payment of fees
Please note that fees are paid in advance.

  1. Monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month and paid over a period of 12 months from January to December inclusive.
  2. There is a 5% discount on annual fees paid on or before 31 January.
  3. Quarterly fees are due on or before the first day of each term.

Additional costs
Parents/legal guardians shall be liable for an annual fee of R2 000.00 for each learner that they have registered at OakleyHouse School. This fee is in respect of academic handouts and modules, and includes printing and photocopies.

Sundry charges may be applicable and are payable upon receipt of the monthly statement from Oakley House School. The following items inter alia may be included under ‘sundry charges’:
• Facilitator support
• Stationery supplied by Oakley House School
• Workbooks or textbooks supplied by Oakley House School
• School outings and school camps
• Extra-mural activities

In addition to the tuition fees and aftercare fees (if selected), the following fees shall be payable by parents/legal guardians for all newly enrolled learners:

  1. Observation fee: R1 350.00 (see Application Procedure)
  2. Non-refundable placement fee: R23 960.00

The non-refundable placement fee shall be allocated by Oakley House School towards administration charges, school development costs, teaching resources and classroom equipment

Should parents wish to withdraw their child from Oakley House Preparatory School, written notice must be given not later than the first week of the child’s proposed final term, failing which the fees for the following term will be payable in full, whether or not the child returns to school.

Oakley House Preparatory School Entry Requirement

Criteria for acceptance
Applicants should be of average ability, or above, and have an assessment from an educational psychologist indicating that they have learning difficulties. As a small specialist school with a very limited number of places, we carefully assess the suitability of each child before making a decision as to whether we can offer a place. Oakley House will not offer any child a place unless the staff feels confident that they can help him or her. Oakley House will not accept children who have emotional or behavioural problems which might seriously inhibit their progress or compromise the learning of others.

Apart from the psycho-educational assessment (to determine potential), it may also be necessary for a child to have a scholastic assessment (to determine actual functioning) on enrolment. If deemed necessary, a Speech and Language Therapy assessment and an Occupational Therapy assessment may also be requested. All assessments are additional costs. If your child has had any of these assessments within the last 12 months, copies of the written reports are required. The results of these assessments will determine the starting point of any individual programmes.

Our curriculum provides a specialised, multisensory approach with an emphasis on basic literacy and numeracy skills combined with access to the full National Curriculum. To ensure our children receive an enriching school experience, the learning areas of Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Computer Studies form part of our weekly timetable. Study skills are an important part of our curriculum and include learning techniques, memory strategies and organisation skills.

Individual programmes of learning
Children are carefully assessed and individual literacy, numeracy, perceptual and/or behaviour targets are drawn up, appropriate to each child’s specific needs. Progress is closely monitored and programmes are regularly reviewed.

HIGH SCHOOL | Grade 7 – 12
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