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Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences

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Open Window Institute (OWI) is an established private higher education institution known for setting the benchmark within the field of visual arts and digital sciences. Founded in 1994 with the focus on providing a unique tertiary platform where practice-led tuition links traditional fine arts with the applied arts. Emphasis placed on being market leaders has always inspired ongoing innovation to curricula, and this is a special consideration of rapidly evolving creative arts industries.

This has ensured that OWI’s product offering is inclusive of disciplines like visual communication, film arts, animation, game design and interaction design. Twenty years of creative excellence in the visual arts have resulted from maintaining high academic standards, ensuring that curricula remain progressive and by developing/fostering close professional contact with local advertising, film production and branding related industries.

The Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences is a leader in South African tertiary education for innovation and creativity in the fields of visual communication, film, animation and interaction design. We are accredited with the Council of Higher Education and offer bachelor degrees in Visual Communication and Film Arts.

Considering the applied nature of our areas of expertise, smaller classes are presented in order to ensure personal student attention at all times. Many of our lecturers in addition to their academic roles are also actively engaged in creative practice as designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. This investment in highly qualified and industry relevant staff serves to direct our students in contemporary work-integrated learning projects. This approach has been proven a success by our high graduate student employment track record.


The Open Window Institute offers a three-year degree in Visual Communication Design and a three-year degree in Film Arts. Open Window creates emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach with the aim to produce well-rounded graduates. To this end, the student has four subjects on first year level that leads up to the major subjects in second and third year. In the second year, the student can choose to specialise by taking a single major, or choose to double major.

The degree may lead to postgraduate studies in Visual Communication or Film Arts. The Open Window honours degree is offered at an NQF Level 8 and consists of 120 credits. The duration of this programme is one year of full-time study. The honours degree programme is tailored to allow the student to investigate a specific area of his or her field in an independent manner.

This course emphasises a proficiency in scholarly practices and a mastery of the relevant creative praxis. Students explore the relevant fields of expertise such as film, animation, interactive design, graphic design, illustration or photography. Postgraduate scholarly abilities, theoretical knowledge and research skills culminate in a mini-dissertation.

The development of practical abilities, skills and techniques suitable to a specific concept of research rise to a crescendo in a body of work which is exhibited in April the following year.


School of Design Studies

The School of Design Studies produces well-rounded designers, illustrators and photographers who are able to harness the power of the image as a medium of communication. The school focuses on communication mostly by means of the static image in order to deliver the desired message to the intended audience. Students master their technical craft in line with developing an artistic vision and conceptual thinking.

School of Animation Arts

The Digital Entertainment Industry has grown exponentially since the dawn of the internet and mobile technology. Today, animated content and games constitute some of the most successful entertainment products in the world. Even though South Africa is a fledgling player in this multi-billion international industry, at the Open Window we believe strongly that we have the talent and the skills needed to be world class contenders.

School of Film Arts

The moving image is the fastest growing sector of the visual arts worldwide. The audio-visual experience is now at the heart of every mass communication medium. The Bachelor of Film Arts degree is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this dynamic and contemporary art form.

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School of Interactive Arts

The fields of Interaction Design, Interactive Development and 3D Design constantly change due to new technological developments. This incredible medium therefore needs constant interrogation. The subjects on offer help develop creative ability alongside technological skills to produce various systems, whether it is a website, an application, an imagined wearable device or a tangible product.

Short Courses

Students can Level Up their skills with a wide variety of Short Courses presented by expert lecturers for vocational improvement and personal enrichment.
OWI offers a wide variety of Short Courses ranging from Adobe software training, photography, drawing, filmmaking,
web development and social media to acting, screenwriting and project management.

Short Courses vary in duration from 2 to 8 weeks.



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