Potchefstroom College of Agriculture Admission Procedure or How to Apply

Potchefstroom College of Agriculture Admission Procedure or How to Apply


Registration of selected students will take place at the College on a date determined by the College. Only after registration and compliance with registration requirements will students be allowed to continue with academic programmes at the College. All original documents of certified copies sent with application, and especially the National Senior Certificate document, must be available during registration.



Selection is done according to the minimum admission requirements, namely a National Senior Certificate (from 2008) or equivalent qualification (pre-2008) or higher. A modified Swedish model with criteria to select on the basis of academic achievement. To be considered, a minimum M-count of 24 points is required.

Selection criteria are as follows:

• Compulsory subjects: Afrikaans or English with a rating of four(4) or 50-59%. Agricultural Sciences and or Agricultural Management Practices and or Agricultural Technology, with a minimum rating of 4 or 50-59%.

• Recommended subjects:Acccountancy, Biology, Business Management, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Mathematical Literary and Physical Science.

• The best of six subjects will be considered in calculation of the M-count.

• Points are calculated according to the table below.

• A rating of 2 is not considered.

Pre- 2009; matriculate applicants

Post 2008; matriculate applicants

A prospective student will become a fully registered student if he/she:

• satisfied the requirements for admission;

• was selected;

• signed an undertaking that he/she had read and understood the rules of the College, and undertakes to abide by them; and

• went through an official registration process.

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Minimum admission requirements

Application for admission – Prospective students must apply on prescribed application forms. Only properly completed application forms, duly signed and accompanied by certified copies of the required documents will be considered for selection.

Closing date for applications

The annual closing date for applications for a specific year is 31 October of the preceding year. Late applications will only be considered in case of a cancellation after all the applications that were received timeously have been finalized.


Students will be notified, in writing, of the selection outcome after which a non-refundable deposit is payable by successful candidates. Failure to pay the required deposit before or on the set date, will lead to cancellation of selection.

College fees

The respective fees are adjusted periodically. A list of fees payable will be enclosed with the application form