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Prospero’s World, in collaboration with Access Afya are looking for talented visual artists of African origin whose work is informed by social, political economic, cultural or geographic imperatives and who have an interest in engaging with the community at large.



Prospero’s World, in collaboration with Access Afya are looking for talented visual artists of African origin whose work is informed by social, political economic, cultural or geographic imperatives and who have an interest in engaging with the community at large.

Prospero’s World is offering their first Art Prize which includes the following:

  1. The opportunity for the wining artist to follow up a 12 days leadership programme in either Italy or Brazil-depending of his/her time of availability. This programme involves 30 participants with high potential working in various fields and from all over the world. It is delivered by TPC leadership UK whose clients include from multinationals to high powered individuals. The winning artist is the only individual to benefit from the programme for free. The aim of the programme is for the participants to share their experience, to develop their confidence in leading projects and to discuss how in their different fields they can contribute to positive social, economic, cultural changes. All in lovely and confortable surroundings.
  2. The opportunity to benefit from a 4 to 6 weeks Artist In Residence programme in Kenya during which the artist both will be developing his/her own project whilst committing to give some time to vulnerable communities. The artist will have access and engagement with the communities catered for by Afya, an organisation that is involved in health education and care.

Prospero will support fully the expenses for accommodations, training programme, travels and a participation to material costs for the art project.

The Arts Award has been created to empower a Visual Artist to:

  • Develop their own portfolio
  • Provide the winning artist with leadership training and exposure needed in order for their career to flourish
  • Inspire and support work that expresses social and/or environmental concerns
  • Provide the winning artist with the opportunity to work with a vulnerable community in Kenya through a series of art workshops designed to highlight issues of social concern.
  • The winning artist will be supported throughout the process with mentoring, leadership training, and funding for art materials

The Programme Components

  • Residential Leadership Training (Italy: July 2017 OR Brazil: January 2018 depending on availability): The Award winner will participate in an intensive, 12 day, International Leadership Programme, where participants from many different cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds come together to form an international learning community.
  • The programme provides an opportunity to experiment with new models, to create a holistic view of the world that is underpinned by the need for shared values and an awareness of our global inter-connection. At its core, the training is about identifying and finding creative solutions to local and global problems.
  • Artist-in-Residence, Nairobi, Kenya, teaching, engaging and creating: This is an opportunity for the artist to submerge themselves in a new environment, to connect with a local Kenyan community and to explore the use of the Arts for Social Change. The Artist in Residency will last from 4-6 weeks.
  • The artist will create a series of weekly art workshops, during their Kenyan residency. Workshops will aim to foster participant’s confidence and empower them to express the issues they care most about using the arts as a communication tool.

Artists will independently spend time getting to know the community in which they are living, to deepen their understanding of local challenges and to create their own art works to reflect their findings. At the end of their stay, an exhibition of their work will be held in Kenya itself, and later, in London. Prospero World will also organize an online exhibition.

Financial Support for Art Materials:

The ASEF will cover up to £1,000 for art materials during the Artist-in-Residence trip.

Mentorship, Coaching:

Throughout the programme mentoring and coaching will be provided to the Artist. Experienced and fully qualified mentors and coaches will be selected based on the artist’s focus and current needs.

Deadline to apply 30th June 12:00pm

The Minimum Requirements
Candidates must be:

  • Of African origin
  • Under 36 years of age
  • Have the ability to travel and secure necessary visas (Kenya, and Italy OR Brazil) independently

The Criteria

  • Determination: Track record of engaging in art informed by social, political, economic, geographic or cultural concerns.
  • Community Work: Track record of interacting with communities and working on collaborative projects. Proven ability to adapt and find concrete solutions to challenges.
  • Creative and conceptual strength: Originality of the proposed project. Quality of the conceptual approach. How relevant is the proposed project? The selection panel will be looking for freshness and strength of thought.
  • Social impact: Clarity of the proposal and relevance of the project in terms of potential for social impact. Is the project scalable?
  • Sustainability: Potential of the project to be placed on a sustainable financial footing in the future.
  • Character: Does the nominee have integrity and how is this demonstrated? How committed is the nominee to their own development and how committed are they to learning outside the art sphere e.g. attending a leadership programme?
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Download the Application Form here


About Prospero World

Prospero World (Registered Charity 1163952) aims to enrich society through the arts, to empower change through education, collaboration, and action. We do this by teaming with other groups and individuals, by producing events, presenting research on exceptional established and emerging arts charities, creating awards for outstanding artists committed to social change and building networks to support the arts.

We identify outstanding NGOs around the world, building up a portfolio of international projects to present to donors, individuals or groups, according to their interests. Our field investigations have taken us to Africa, India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

About Access Afya: Our Partner for Artist-in-Residence Programme

Access Afya is a social enterprise creating a model for integrated community health. Access Afya runs a chain of micro-clinics in Nairobi’s informal settlements and a Healthy Schools program that delivers check-ups, treatments, and training to children in their schools.