Reflective Tapes Prices In South Africa

What are Reflective Tapes?

Reflective tape is made of tens of thousands of tiny glass beads, which when exposed to a light source, reflect light back while also providing a clear image of the object directly back to that same light source

Reflective Tapes Prices In South Africa

Reflective Tape Yellow 50mm X 6mt

Reflective Tape Yellow 50mm X 6mt

R 270.00

Jacket with Reflective Tape


Which color reflective tape is best?

In summary, to be seen day and night use red and fluorescent lime reflective material or orange and fluorescent lime material.

What color of reflective tape is the brightest?

The estimated brightness of this grade in the different colors measured in candelas is as follows:

  • White – 108 candelas.
  • Yellow – 88 candelas.
  • Gold – 78 candelas.
  • Orange – 54 candelas.
  • Green – 28 candelas.
  • Red – 21 candelas.
  • Blue – 12 candelas.
  • Black – 10 candelas.

Does reflective tape work at night?

Retro-reflective tape is used voluntarily all over the world to allow objects to be seen at night. There are also government regulations that mandate the use of retro-reflective tape in certain situations.

How long does reflective tape last?

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three to ten years

Reflective tape comes in various colors and sizes, and its lifespan varies from three to ten years. Its life span is dependent on the type and thickness of the tape used. High-intensity PC-type tapes have a life span of seven years, while red silver, and prismatic tapes are good for up to ten years.