Reflectors Prices In South Africa

What are Reflectors?


In photography and cinematography, a reflector is an improvised or specialized reflective surface used to redirect light toward a given subject or scene.

Reflectors Prices In South Africa

30CM 5 IN 1 photographic reflector

R 289.00

What are the 4 types of reflectors?

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Reflectors Types

  • Silver Reflectors. This is the reflector that reflects the most light. …
  • White Reflectors. More flexible between indoor and outdoor use. …
  • Gold Reflectors. Best used outdoors where the gold of the reflector catches and amplifies the hue of the sun.

Which are the best reflectors?

Solution: Silver metal is the best reflector of light.

Can you use aluminum foil as a reflector?

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We made our reflector by taping aluminum foil onto a large sheet of cardboard, for a powerful reflection with silvery light, but an even simpler option is a piece of blank, white card. Hold it at the opposite side to the light source in relation to your subject, and the light will bounce back in to illuminate it.