Rhodes University B ed Honours

Rhodes University B ed Honours

Bachelor Of Education (Honours)

Our Department recognises the importance of providing post-graduate courses for educators which facilitate the ability to critically engage with educational issues. This ability is a central goal of our Bachelor of Education (Honours) [BEd(Hons)] degree programme.

About the Course
Our BEd(Hons) programme is a 2 year part-time programme. A new course is started every year: one in Grahamstown and one in Namibia.

BEd Hons Flyer

Degree Structure

Our BEd(Hons) is a post-graduate degree. The degree is obtained by successfully completing six courses via two years of part-time study. The first year consists primarily of Educational Foundation courses and the 2nd year covers more of the speciality or sub-function …

Entry Requirements

Guidelines and Check list for all BEd Honours Applicants

1. Prior Qualifications2. Professional Experience3. Placement Test

A recognised Bachelor’s degree and professional teacher’s qualification;

An equivalent four year qualification (for example, non-graduate HDE or FDE/ACE).

At least two years’ classroom-based experience or equivalent work in an educational context.South African applicants are required to write a PLACEMENT TEST.

NOTE: For logistical reasons it is not possible for Namibian applicants to write a placement test. Instead they are required to provide a well-articulated, well-written PROFESSIONAL MOTIVATION as to why they believe they should be considered for a place on the programme. (This would include such things as what they currently contribute to Namibia’s educational reform efforts, and what they believe they would ‘take back’ to the profession upon successful completion of the programme, were they to be offered a place.)

Application Procedure

If you wish to proceed with your application for the BEd(Hons) degree, please download the application form:

BEd Hons Departmental Application Form 2016-17 – NOW CLOSED

RU Honours Applications – External

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  • Education Leadership & Management (ELM)
  • Education, Training & Development Practices (ETDP)
  • English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • Environmental Education (EE)
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Maths
  • Primary Education
  • Science Education

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