RiceCooker Prices In South Africa

What is Rice Cooker?


A rice cooker or rice steamer is an automated kitchen appliance designed to boil or steam rice. It consists of a heat source, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat. The thermostat measures the temperature of the cooking bowl and controls the heat.

Rice Cooker Prices In South Africa

Moulinex Inicio XL Rice Cooker (15 Cups)

  • 1000W power
  • 15 Cup (2,8 liter) capacity
  • Removable non-stick bowl
  • Glass see-through lid
  • Auto keep warm function


Taurus Rice Chef – Plastic Rice Cooker (1.8L)(700W)(White)

Boil rice or steam any type of food. Taste perfect rice quickly and enjoy healthy cuisine. Get 6 to 7 servings with Rice Chef.


Sunbeam Rice Cooker

Through smart innovation and intelligent design, Sunbeam aims to make everyday tasks at home simpler and more manageable. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, organizing, or even entertaining, this quality appliance range offers practical solutions to suit every need.


Is it worth buying a rice cooker?

A rice cooker may not be a staple kitchen gadget, but for anyone who eats rice regularly – or wants to try cooking a wider range of Asian dishes – it’s an essential item. The best rice cookers can produce consistently great high-quality rice in a way that even those skilled with a saucepan couldn’t manage.

Which is better cooked rice or boiled rice?

Steamed Rice or Pressure Cooked Rice, Which One is Better? According to statistics, rice cooked in a pressure cooker tastes good as it has got a texture. On the other hand, steamed rice is healthy as it has lesser fat content because the starch is removed.

How long can you keep rice in a rice cooker?

Storing rice in the rice cooker for several hours is completely safe, but keep it for a maximum of ten to 12 hours. However, leaving rice for that time is safe only if the keep-warm function keeps the rice at a temperature higher than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.