Rizla Paper Prices In South Africa

What is Rizla Paper?


April 2022) Rizla (/ˈrɪzlə/), commercially styled Rizla+., is a French brand of rolling papers and other related paraphernalia in which tobacco, marijuana, or a mixture, is rolled to make handmade joints and cigarettes. The company was sold in 1997 to Imperial Tobacco.

Rizla Paper Prices In South Africa

Rizla Concept Cigarette Tube Filling Machine


Rizla Pink Cigarette Rolling Papers 100 Packets

R2 470.00 

Rizla Micron Cigarette Rolling Paper 50 Booklets Full Box

R2 145.00

How many Rizlas are in a pack?

Rizla Silver Standard 50 Booklets Rolling Papers. One of the Standard Papers Around. One Single Pack Contains 50 Rolling Papers.

What is the pink Rizla?

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Don’t judge Pink by its color – these thin papers offer a slower burn with a reduced paper taste. And as we know: the thinner the paper, the less tobacco is needed for an outstanding role.

What paper can I use to roll cigarettes?

Plain tissue paper is the closest alternative to rolling paper. With a thin (but not too thin) consistency, tissue paper best mirrors the flexibility of cigarette papers. It catches easily but is sturdy enough for a decently long-lasting burn.

Which Rizla paper is the thinnest?

Our second new product is Rizla Precision™, which, at 12.5g/m2, is our thinnest paper ever. These ultra-thin papers are as strong as other rolling papers with a premium look and feel, allowing you to achieve new levels of precision while rolling.