Rocomamas Milkshakes Prices In South Africa

RocoMamas Menu South Africa

RocoMamas has menu items in Smashburger’s, Make Your Own, Ribs, Wings, Salads & Sides, Six Bombs, Kid Rock, Fries, Desserts, Desserts, and Drinks in South Africa.


Chilli Cheeze Bomb BurgerR107
Double Cheese BurgerR97
Classic Cheese BurgerR81
Old Skool BurgerR62
Rockstar BurgerR94
Cheese + Bacon BurgerR95
Mushroom Swizz BurgerR94
Bacon Cheeze Guac BurgerR101
The Slacker BurgerR134
Southstar BurgerR81
The Shackster BurgerR107
Chicken Club BurgerR71
Hot Chic BurgerR78