Rolex Watch Prices In South Africa

What is Rolex Watch?

Rolex Watch Prices In South Africa

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 Men’s Watch R 169,900.00.
  • Rolex Daytona Men’s Watch R 699,900.00.
  • Rolex Explorer II Men’s Watch R 219,900.00.
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller Men’s Watch R 319,900.00.
  • Rolex Submariner Yellow Gold Men’s Watch R 599,900.00.

Where can I sell Rolex watches in South Africa?

If you want to sell your Rolex watch, you’re in the right place. Peter Machlup is South Africa’s most trusted and reputable trader. Here are some of the most common questions we receive when selling your Rolex watch.


Is Rolex a nonprofit?

Rolex SA is owned by the private Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, which is registered as a charity and does not pay corporate income taxes. So basically, Rolex pays their employees and gives the rest of their profit to charity, that’s why they are considered a ‘non-profit company.

How can you tell real Rolex from fake?

You should feel a bump on the convex lens across the date. A flat Cyclops means that the Rolex watch is a fake. Another way to test it is to hold the watch sideways and look at the date without the Cyclops. If the size of the date appears the same, then it’s not a genuine Rolex watch.

Why is Rolex expensive?

Generally speaking, Rolex uses the 904L stainless steel in all of its collections. This ensures that all their timepieces are exquisite, tough, and long-lasting, and is a major factor why Rolex watches are all so expensive. A good example of a watch that utilizes 904L stainless steel is the Rolex Datejust Ref.