Roller Doors Prices In South Africa

What are Roller Doors?

A roller shutter, security shutter, coiling door, roller door, or sectional overhead door is a type of door or window shutter consisting of many horizontal slats hinged together. The door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. On large doors, the action may be motorized.


Roller Doors Prices In South Africa

The average price of a new garage door including installation and vat starts at R5 000 for a rollup door and can go up to R30 000 for a custom-size door.

Aluminum Garage Doors: Single From R13 50

Rollup Garage Doors: Single From R5 000

Wooden Garage Doors: Single From R14 500

What type of garage door is the cheapest?

Generally, steel doors are the most budget-friendly, with wood and plastic models more expensive. Custom work can cost twice as much.

Can I install a garage door myself?

While many DIY projects are fun and can save you money, you may want to think twice about installing your new garage door yourself. While it can be done, DIY garage door installation can be dangerous and cost just as much as paying a professional to do the same work.

How long does it take to install a garage door?

Type of installation – It takes roughly 4–6 hours to replace a garage door, but installing a garage door compatible with the existing structure is generally more straightforward.