Roof Paint Prices In South Africa

what is Roof Paint?

A roof coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid-applied roofing membrane. Many roof coatings are elastomeric, that is, they have elastic properties that allow them to stretch and return to their original shape without damage. Typical roof coating dry film thickness varies from paint film thickness.


Roof Paint Prices In South Africa

Roof Paint Exterior Acrylic Finish DULUX Roofguard Grecian Grey 20l


Acrylic roof paint DURAM Roofkote Charcoal 20L


Roof paint exterior low sheen PLASCON Nuroof Cool moonlight sky 20l


Which is the best roof paint in South Africa?

Crown Roof paint is an affordable, superior water-based acrylic paint used on cement-like and metal roofing. It has a smooth matt finish with great adhesion properties and excellent durability with long-lasting color, making it ideal for the South African climate.

How do you calculate roof paint?

A good rule-of-thumb for calculating the quantity of roof paint required is your project’s footprint area plus about 40% (allows for roof pitch, corrugations, soffit overhang, etc).

How many coats of paint does a roof need?

A three-coat paint system is applied to your cement-tiled roof starting with a primer/sealer and then two color coats. We generally suggest applying a gloss or semi-gloss paint as the bare tiles already have a matte finish so the color wouldn’t stand out as much if matte paint is applied.

Does roof painting last?

When you use the right high-quality paint for the job combined with accepted application techniques on top of adequate surface preparation you can expect roof paint to last for 15 years and more. If you neglect the surface preparation your paint performance will never last as long no matter how good the paint is.