SAADP (South African Actuaries Development Programme) Bursary Scheme

SAADP (South African Actuaries Development Programme) Bursary Scheme

Closing Date : August.

Field of Study:

  • Science

Bursary Details:

Bursary Information


BSc (Actuarial Science)

Applications close 31 August

The UCT degrees are offered in the Commerce Faculty:
BBusSci (Actuarial Science) and BCom (Actuarial Science)
Wits has two degrees: one in the Science Faculty and the other in the Commerce Faculty.
BSc (Actuarial Science) and BEconScie (Actuarial Science)
We now also sponsor students at the University of Pretoria for the BSc (Actuarial Science),

Candidate Requirements:

Eligible Candidates

Current students at university
Grade 12 learners
South African citizen with valid ID number
Must have an excellent record in Mathematics, English and Physical Science
University students
Must have achieved good results in the 1st or 2nd years of study

How to Apply:

Applications available at

Bursary Equiries:

011 642 2202

Conditions of Bursary:

The programme is available to learners/students of South African Origin who are from historically disadvantaged backgrounds
The bursaries are limited to students who intend on studying at or are currently studying at the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Cape Town or the University of Pretoria,

Bursary Inclusion:

University tuition fees
Registration fees
Exam fees
University accommodation
Residence meals
Book and pocket money