Safeline Brake Pads Prices In South Africa

What are Safeline Brake Pads?

Safeline Brake Pads Prices In South Africa

Toyota cam baw D3522T Taxi Front Safeline Brake Pads



Toyota D3552 4X4 SUV Front Safeline Brake Pads


Are Safeline brakes good?

Safeline brake pads last 2x longer than competitor pads, saving money on frequent replacements. Reduces disc wear, and assists in preventing expensive replacements.

Accessories and wear sensors are included with certain part numbers. Leaves less dust on rims keeping your vehicle looking its best.

How do I identify Safeline brake pads?

Measuring for pad identification: The key features when identifying a brake pad are its shape, length, width, and thickness.

For positive identification, the Bendix website and the latest printed Bendix catalog will provide the information and confirmation required.